We launched the inter-agency Emerging Citizen Technology programs in 2017 amid high demand and mission need, but in order to fully realize the potential of inter-agency collaboration to improve outcomes and reduce duplication of efforts we need a more robust organizational capacity spread across agencies to convene networks of stakeholders. These stakeholder communities must not just focus on the technology, but also implications of policy, privacy, acquisitions and more.

During our February Emerging Citizen Technology Action Meeting it was remarked that such a productive network would require a hundred new leaders to step up and contribute to inter-agency initiatives to make it sustainable. We liked the sound of that challenge. As a result, our “100 Emerging Tech Leaders Initiative” is an ongoing effort in 2018 to design and implement a bold new government-wide system of sharing and collaborating on emerging technologies for public services. We look forward to sharing details of this development each month on this Atlas.

If you are a federal public servant interested in helping shape the next phase of government-wide emerging citizen technology support and coordination, please email EmergingTech@GSA.gov and place “#100Leaders” in the subject field.