Inter-agency Emerging Technologies for Government Services Action Meeting

December 17, 2018, 10:30-11:00

Meeting Notes

Welcome and Introductions, Justin Herman, GSA

Old Business: Monthly Educational Webinars and Action Meetings on Second Tuesdays

  • Inter-agency Emerging Technology for Government Services Meetings
    • 10:30 am ET on the second Tuesday of each month beginning in January.
    • Our action meetings are where we discuss needs and management of inter-agency initiatives that lead to government-wide resources and services.
    • Action Item: Email with agenda items and ideas.
  • Emerging Tech Leadership Series, hosted with DigitalGov University
    • 2:00 pm ET on the second Tuesday of each month beginning in January.
    • These brief training and education sessions are designed to introduce ideas and concepts from outside of government to the federal workforce, which then can be expanded on in workshops and partnerships.
    • Action Item: Please nominate people in emerging tech leadership who do not currently serve in government or work for a business that already provides services directly to government for participation, and if your nominee is selected you will be able to co-host the educational webinar. Email with suggestions.

New Business: Upcoming Federal Robotic Process Automation Day

  • Tentatively planned for afternoon of January 14 in Washington DC, pending final approvals.
  • In partnership with GSA Office of the Chief Financial Officer, their RPA manager Ed Burrows, and their skilled workforce.
  • Standard: all presenters must have successfully deployed RPA within a government agency, and all programming must align with the President’s Management Agenda and related Cross-Agency Priority Goals. No hype, no aspirational talk, and no guff about it – all RPA for IT modernization in FY19.
  • 300 passes will be released for government, businesses, academia and media.
  • Multi-track format based on successful Future Services Now format, with three sessions per track:
    • Track One: Building, testing and deploying RPA
    • Track Two: Human capital aspects of RPA, including use cases, and impact on federal workforce.
    • Competition: Tentatively working with to launch a process improvement competition at RPA Day.
    • Action Item: While anyone is invited to attend, if you are a government employee or business who have successfully deployed RPA within an agency and would like to join the presenters, please email

New Business: Government-wide Robotic Process Automation Community and Executive Council launch

  • In January we are working with GSA OCFO to launch a new government-wide Robotic Process Automation Community and Executive Council.
  • Action: If you are a government employee who has managed RPA programs and would like to work with GSA OCFO and us help shape the early development of these landmark initiatives, please email with #RPACommunity in the subject and an introduction to your work in the body.

New Business: Accessibility

  • In FY19 we will be working with Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy, the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology and others to ensure our emerging technology programs for IT modernization include Accessibility for persons with disabilities, the aging population and all. Accessible design is good design for all, and the need is great for better understanding the impact of AI, automation, virtual/augmented reality on public services.
  • We intend to develop a shared resource for Accessibility in emerging technologies in FY19, build dialogues with business and academic stakeholders, along with DigitalGov University training and education.
  • Action Item: If you are interested in participating in Accessibility in emerging technology for public service initiatives, please email

Open Discussion:

  • David Smith of EPA recommended we organize programming to help empower federal agencies to launch their own internal communities of practice.
  • Action Item: In early 2019 we will host a workshop on how agencies can tailor our methodology to develop internal communities of practice that empower the federal workforce on the local level but tie to government-wide priorities, the President’s Management Agenda and Cross-Agency Priority Goals.

Next Meeting: January 8, 10:30AM - 11:30AM, Location TBD