Blockchain Potential Use Cases

These draft use cases represent initial ideas and moonshots as well as programs in development, and should be considered only proposed use cases and concepts unless otherwise noted. Anyone is encouraged to contribute their own use case at any state of development.

Common trends in use cases evaluated by federal agencies include:

  1. Financial management
  2. Procurement
  3. IT asset and supply chain management
  4. Smart contracts
  5. Patents, Trademarks Copyrights, Royalties
  6. Government-issued credentials like visas, passports, SSN and birth certificates
  7. Federal personnel workforce data
  8. Appropriated funds
  9. Federal assistance and foreign aid delivery

It is important to remember, however, that not all proposed use cases are equal in promise, and for this reason open analysis, test and evaluation are critical. As noted by Gartner in Top 10 Mistakes in Enterprise Blockchain Projects, (non-government link, not endorsed) “part of the problem is that the majority of enterprise blockchain projects don’t actually require blockchain technology. In fact, these projects would probably be more successful if they did not utilize blockchain.”

This Atlas serves to help open that process to ensure federal efforts develop based on shared experience and deter duplication.