Federal agencies are eager to better evaluate, test and potentially adopt distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain that use encryption and coding to improve transparency, efficiency and trust in information sharing.

GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology program launched the inter-agency Blockchain program for anyone who is interested in exploring distributed ledger technology and its potential implementation within government.

For example, we hosted the first U.S. Federal Blockchain Forum on July 18, 2017, uniting more than 100 federal managers from dozens of agencies to discuss use cases, limitations and potential solutions for this emerging technology. Resulting outcomes and requests from federal agencies led to the organizing of a workshop with federal agencies, U.S. businesses, policy-makers and researchers to develop potential national goals for its use in helping build more accountable, open public services.

In this section, you will find practical use cases from collaborators for how the government can potentially approach Blockchain to improve public programs, reports from federal workshops and initiatives, links to programs in action, and resources anyone can use.

If you are a government employee with a .gov or .mil email address, join our Federal Blockchain Community

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For for more information on the Blockchain program, contact EmergingTech@gsa.gov.